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DVD Library of Global Vegan Health

$9 per copy (discount for multiple order available)

Mail order available. $1 per DVD postage, 3 DVDs $2.50 postage (within Australia, international orders welcome).

International or email enquiries:

-The Greatest Adventure, Jack Dunn Trop. Early in the 19th century a remarkable health discovery tore away the veil of mystery surrounding disease, revolutionised care of the sick and saved thousands from premature death. This is the first natural hygiene production and it’s a classic.42 mins.

-Meet Natural Hygiene, Your Key to Dynamic Health including 19 elements of health, food combining principles and questions about Natural Hygiene, T.C.Fry with Peter Bard. 77 mins.

-Benefits of a Plant Based Whole Food Diet, T. Colin Campbell, PhD. 60 mins.

-The Role of Diet in Health and Disease, Alan Goldhamer D.C., 40 mins. Comes with Health Concerns for Seniors, Phillip Martin, D.C. 30 mins

-A New Concept of Health, Alec Burton M.Sc., D.O., D.C. 30 mins

-Common Ailments- The Natural Hygiene Perspective, Alec Burton M.Sc., D.O., D.C. 44 mins

-Health, Our Real Needs, Alec Burton M.Sc., D.O., D.C. 120 mins

-Health, the Toxemia Theory of Disease, Alec Burton M.Sc., D.O., D.C. 113 mins.

-Fasting: Regeneration and Rejuvenation, Alec Burton M.Sc., D.O., D.C. Learn about the incredible benefits of a properly conducted fast from one of the world’s leading experts. 55 mins Comes with: Fasting Can Save Your Life,  In March 1998, two men began a 30 day fast in order to find relief from serious health problems. This video chronicles their journey of self discovery. 65 mins.

-Everyone Can Learn More About Healthy Living. Topics include: Is your diet killing you? Are your children sick too often? Fasting for recovery of Health. Why Diets Fail? Plus question time. 1997. Alec Burton M.Sc., D.O., D.C. 153 mins.

-Women’s Health Issues, Nejla Burton B.A. D.O. M.Sc.35 mins.

-LATEST (our production)The Cure Within, Nejla Burton B.A. D.O. M.Sc. 60 mins. Comes with Fasting Can Save Your Life (2011), Alec Burton M.Sc., D.O., D.C. 90 mins. Husband and wife lecture at Monash University in 2011.

-The Hygienic Approach to Wellness, Frank Sabatino, D.C. 40 mins

-Successful Weight Management, Why Diets Fail? Frank Sabatino, D.C. 65 mins

-Energy: The Key to Health, Ronald Cridland, M.D. Learn about the vital role that rest and sleep play in maintaining a high level of health. 55 mins comes with -Current Research in Support of Natural Hygiene, Jennifer Marano. 45 mins

-A Diet for All Reasons, Michael Klapper, M.D. Learn about the total vegetarian diet. It is jam packed with useful information. 59 mins. Comes with Diet for a New America, Your Health, Your Planet, John Robbins. 56 mins.

-The Digestive System, Michael Klapper, M.D. Very thorough details pertaining to the ideal diet and best means of retaining health with explanations on some false practices. 95 mins

-Understanding the Science Behind Vegetarian Nutrition, Michael Klapper, M.D. Up-to-date documentation of why the vegetarian diet works. A powerful, entertaining video. 75 mins.

-The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism, William Harris, M.D. Topics include diet and evolution, fat follies, the high cost of meat, food groups and economic costs. 60 mins.

-Fabulous Food Festival, Joy Gross. An entertaining creative approach to serving natural gourmet party foods. Comes with: Feeding Healthy Families, Paula Duvall. Exciting new ways to prepare family meals that are sure to please your families palate. 47 mins

-Forever Young, Forever Healthy, Forever Beautiful, Keki Sidhwa, N.D. Learning to apply the philosophy and principles of natural hygiene from this remarkable poet, physician and athlete.

-Healthy Cooking Made Easy, Jill Harrington. 87 mins. How to make healthy and delicious food from unprocessed natural ingredients free of animal products, gluten, soy, oil, salt and sugar.

-The Pleasure Trap 1 & 2, Dr D. Lisle. 120 mins. DVD of the great book.

-Vegan Cuisine, from the kitchen of the Centre for Conservative Therapy, 89 mins.

-Healing Cancer From Inside Out, Mike Anderson, 120 mins, This features prominent professionals upholding the natural hygiene point of view.

-Dr John McDougall M.D.:

McDougall Medicine , a three DVD set. $8 each or all three for $21.

Disk 1 (total 123 mins):

Diet vs Drugs, 62 mins

Reading Between the Lines, 52 mins

Milk is for Baby Cows, 47 mins

Marketing Milk and Disease, 42 mins

Disk 2 (total 130 mins):

Meat in the Human Diet, 68 mins

Kitchen Essentials, 31 mins

Intestines from the Beginnning, 61 mins

Low-Carb Hysteria, 57 mins

Disk 3 (total 97 mins):

The Molecules of Life, 51 mins

The Dangers of Milk, 23 mins

The Dairy Council Rebuttal, 23 mins

-Diet vs Drugs, 67 mins.

-The Dangers of Milk, 22 mins. Comes with Dairy Council 22 mins and Dairy Problems, 28 mins

-Meat and the Human Diet, 66 mins.

-Fish is not a Health Food, 47 mins.

-Nutrition For Diabetes, Neal Barnard M.D. Topics include: How a vegan diet helps, practical dietary assistance, glycemic index of high G.I. foods and cholesterol control in heart attacks. Nearly 180 mins.

-The Scientific Grounding of a Vegetarian Diet, Neal Barnard M.D. Topics include: Breaking the meat myth and why vegetarianism works. High cholesterol and heart disease risk. 85 mins.

-Going Nuts? The Facts on Fats, Jeff Novick, 50 mins.

-Health Food versus Healthy Food, Jeff Novick, 60 mins.

-Women’s Health Issues, Dana Clare, 50 mins.

-Eyes Right: See Clearly Without Glasses or Contacts, Bethany Aldridge, 31 mins.

-The Continuum of Evil, Douglas Lisle, Ph.D.The importance of not trying to be perfect in the pursuit of healthy living. 60Mins. And Perfect Personality 80mins.

-God’s Way to Ultimate Health, Dr George Malkmus, 160mins.

-How to Eliminate Sickness, Dr George Malkmus. Malkmus gives an entertaining and true account of health, proving by example the obvious benefits of a vegan, predominantly raw food lifestyle. 127 mins.

Natural Melbourne in the 1960s

30 hours – 57 audio files

Tape reel recordings of informative lectures at the Vegetarian Society of Australasia (Melbourne) and at Beauty Without Cruelty during the mid-1960s and associated radio segments etc.. Topics include:

  • Natural Health – Naturopathy
  • Animal Welfare
  • Vegan/Vegetarianism – Diets
  • Environmentalism – Flouride
  • Spiritualism – Yoga

Speakers include: Kenneth Jaffrey, C.K.Milne, Mr and Mrs Harding, Alec Burton, Athina Sikand and many others..  mp3 format for computer, dvd player, mp3 player etc..

From the tape collection of Bruce Standish. The views presented represent the spirit of that era.


And for those who just want Alec Burton lectures from the above collection for A$10:

Alec Burton Melbourne 1960s 12 hours – 10 lectures

Classic Health Information: natural hygiene, fasting, healing, nutrition, enzymes, vitamins, raw vegan diet and more. mp3 format for computer, dvd player, mp3 player etc.

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