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‘Raw Vegan can be More Vegan- Increasing Ahimsa Thru Diet’ A talk at 14th World Veg Fest, San Francisco, September 29th 2013, Sunday 4.45pm

Thanks to San Francisco Vegetarian Society for making all these great videos. My talk was probably the longest of the whole vegan talkfest.
After sitting through 100 minutes of my talk have a look at some of the speakers on the same SFVS youtube channel ..



A talk by Innes Park at the 14th World Veg Festival, San Francisco.
See link for address

Innes will discuss how increasing the raw component of a vegan
diet can be better for animal, environmental, spiritual and human
health and therefore, more vegan. The historical and other links
between fruitarianism, naturopathy, medicine and
contemporary veganism will be considered.

Innes’ 28 years of vegan living on 4 continents have given him
some depth of plant based dietary experience. He moved on
from cultural academia and music into researching vegan natural
health. He has studied yoga in Nepal and chi massage in
Thailand. He was vice president and archivist of the Vegetarian Society
of Australasia 2010-12.