Bemba Raw Restaurant, Bratislava


This delicious raw vegan pizza was made by a former cordon bleu chef who converted his whole family to raw food a few years ago.
Bemba restaurant is nestled in a high rise suburb of the Slovak capital, Bratislava,  and serves up tasty main courses starting at 5 euro. Well worth several  visits to try the whole menu and daily specials.  It’s  located in what has become one of Europe’s most  vegan cities with a Bohemian history ..
Rating: 4.5/5
bemba link


Sundried tomato , walnut and shiitake raw burger stack.  Rawlicious!


Alec Burton Fasting Lecture 2011 Download

Here is a free mp3 audio download of Alec Burton’s great lecture on fasting at Monash University on  Saturday 28th of May, 2011.

 Click here to download

For more lectures see The Alec Burton Collection.


Alec Burton gesticulating

Free Natural Health Meetings, February and March 2012

Free Natural Health Meetings, at 78 Ormond Road, Elwood, 3184. VIC

Sundays 2-4pm (side entrance). Organic fruit salad and other refreshments provided. Phone Bruce on (03) 9531 7577 for info and to let him know if you are attending.

Sunday 12th February. Guest Speaker: Mark Doneddu, President of Vegetarian Victoria .

On the benefits of the vegan diet, including problems with a high protein diet, eggs, honey, fish oils and various supplements.

Sunday 26th February. Demonstration by Margaret Lange

Using a Thermomix on predominantly raw vegan preparations. Substantial tasting samples will be provided, so no need to eat beforehand.

Sunday 11th March. 2 DVDs.

1. “Fish Is Not A Healthy Food” by Dr John McDougall. 2. “The Cove” – the unwarranted killing of dolphins in Japan.

Sunday 25th March. Guest Speaker: Innes Park of Nadarra Health.

on “How More Or Less Raw is More Or Less Vegan”

After 26 years of vegan living on 4 continents, Innes’ research includes :

1. How eating raw can be better for health and environment and therefore more vegan.

2. The historical links between veganism and raw foods.

3. Some conflicts between the health industry and vegan values.

Plus an interesting recording from a natural hygiene convention.